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Re: Git allow to unconditionaly remove files on other developer host

Am 15.04.2017 um 13:36 schrieb KES:
That curious, but git allow to unconditionally delete files on other developer host when he do `git pull`

How to reproduce:

1. File should be ignored:
echo "somefile" >> .gitignore

2. Add this ignored file into repository
git add -f somefile

3. Push changes to origin
git push

4. When other developer has also 'somefile' on his host and when he does
git pull

Content of hist local `somefile` file will be replaced by content pushed by first developer

This happens *only* if the other developers also have somefile mentioned in their .gitignore.

EXPECTED: git should warn about that content will be replaced and do not pull/checkout until we force pull/checkout

If somefile is *not* mentioned in their .gitignore, the file is not removed and there is a warning.

Know that Git regards everything mentioned in .gitignore as dispensible; IOW, by mentioning a file in .gitignore you actually give permission to remove the file if necessary. Git does not have a feature to say "ignore this file, but it is precious".

-- Hannes