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Re: Index files autocompletion too slow in big repositories (w / suggestion for improvement)

This is much faster (below 0.1s):

__git_index_files ()
    local dir="$(__gitdir)" root="${2-.}" file;
    if [ -d "$dir" ]; then
        __git_ls_files_helper "$root" "$1" | \
            sed -r 's@/.*@@' | uniq | sort | uniq

time __git_index_files

real    0m0.075s
user    0m0.083s
sys    0m0.010s

Most of the improvement is due to the simpler, non-grouping, regex.
Since I expect most of the common prefixes to arrive consecutively,
running uniq before sort also improves things a bit. I'm not removing
leading double quotes anymore (this isn't being done by the current
version, anyway) but this doesn't seem to hurt.

Despite the dependence on sed this is ten times faster than the
original, maybe an option to enable fast index completion or something
like that might be desirable.

Best regards