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Re: [PATCH v2 0/6] forking and threading

Brandon Williams wrote:

> From what I can see, there are now no calls in the child process (after fork
> and before exec/_exit) which are not Async-Signal-Safe.  This means that
> fork/exec in a threaded context should work without deadlock

I don't see why the former implies the latter.  Can you explain

You already know my opinions about fork+threads by now.  I continue to
think this is heading in a direction of decreased maintainability that
I dread.

That's not to say that this is wasted work.  I would prefer an approach
like the following:

 1. First, make grep work without running fork() from threads.
    Jonathan Tan's approach would be one way to do this.  Another way
    would be to simply disable threads in --recurse-submodules mode.

    This would be the first thing to do because it would make tests
    reliable again, without having to wait for deeper changes.

 2. Then, teaching run_command to prepare the environment and do $PATH
    lookup before forking.  This might make it possible for run_command
    to use vfork or might not.

 3. Teaching run_command to delegate chdir to the child, using -C for
    git commands and 'cd' for shell commands, and using a shell where
    necessary where it didn't before.

 4. Switching run_command to use posix_spawn on platforms where it is
    available, which would make it possible to use in a threaded
    context on those platforms.