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"up-to-date" vs. "up to date"

Hello git community,

This is about an issue of language style and punctuation, not anything
functional. Apologies in advance if I've brought this to the wrong

There are a bunch of situations in which git will print a message like
"Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'" or "Already

In many of these cases, including the two examples I just gave, "up to
date" should not be hyphenated --- at least according to most (if not
all) English-language style guides.

Here are a couple posts in support of that, which also explain when it
should and should not be hyphenated:

And the Chromium community dealing with the same issue:

I thought about submitting a patch, but I started looking through the
source code and found that "up-to-date" appears 61 times. So before I
get into that I thought I would check with the community to see if
this is something that's already been debated and decided.

Awaiting your thoughts,
Jeff Manian