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Re: [PATCH 3/4] submodule.c: harden submodule_move_head against broken submodules

On 04/11, Stefan Beller wrote:
> Early on in submodule_move_head just after the check if the submodule is
> initialized, we need to check if the submodule is populated correctly.
> If the submodule is initialized but doesn't look like populated, this
> is a red flag and can indicate multiple sorts of failures:
> (1) The submodule may be recorded at an object name, that is missing.
> (2) The submodule '.git' file link may be broken and it is not pointing
>     at a repository.
> In both cases we want to complain to the user in the non-forced mode,
> and in the forced mode ignoring the old state and just moving the
> submodule into its new state with a fixed '.git' file link.

What about the case where you have marked a submodule as active but
don't have its respective .gitdir yet?  For now i think it would be
acceptable to complain and do nothing/ignore it, in the future we may
want to actually clone and then check it out.

Brandon Williams