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Re: Tools that do an automatic fetch defeat "git push --force-with-lease"

On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 02:37:27PM +0200, Stefan Haller wrote:

> > I agree that probably makes the multiple-operation stuff go away, which
> > is nice. It does raise the question of when the integration point
> > happens, and how we handle alternate paths through which commits may
> > land in a local branch (e.g., if both you and upstream do a ff-merge of
> > a particular branch).
> Are you talking about the case where the user doesn't say git pull, but
> instead says "git fetch && git merge --ff @{u}"? Just so that I
> understand the concern.

Yes, that (which is the main way that I merge changes). But also
what happens with:

  git merge origin/other-branch
  git rebase origin/master

I think we only care when origin/master has independently merged
other-branch, too. And even though we have taken its commits into
account, we would fail (because "both sides did the same thing" is
really out of scope for the concept of a lease). So that's OK.