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Re: Tools that do an automatic fetch defeat "git push --force-with-lease"

Ævar Arnfjör? Bjarmason <avarab@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does this proposal require that all the things that can update a ref
> be hooked to maintain these lease values?

It is true that the proposal relies on people using git push and git
pull, not some lower level approximation such as git fetch + git
update-ref. Whether that's a valid assumption, I'm not sure yet. It does
mean that there are GUI tools that will break the feature; e.g. SmartGit
does use fetch + update-ref when you tell it to pull.

In general, I'm not too concerned with my proposal not supporting
certain edge-cases such as the one you described later in your mail. I
think it's fine if you have to fall back to using --force-with-lease
with explicit arguments in these cases. The suggestion is really only to
make the common case easier, which (for me) is working with a tracking
branch, and using push and pull with no arguments.

Stefan Haller
Berlin, Germany