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Re: Tools that do an automatic fetch defeat "git push --force-with-lease"

Jacob Keller <jacob.keller@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Agreed. You "take" a lease whenever you push to the remote or when you
> pull from the remote and when you pull into the branch. It should
> store something that tracks both the branch and remote branch together
> so that you can generalize it to multiple remotes.

I don't see why it has to support multiple remotes (but then I don't
have much experience with workflows involving multiple remotes, so I may
well be missing something). A local branch can only have one remote
tracking branch on one remote, and in my view --force-with-lease without
arguments works with that remote tracking branch only. Is this view too

> It doesn't necessarily track perfectly with a branch that contains
> extra work such as when doing pull --rebase, but maybe you have an
> idea about that?

Maybe I wasn't clear enough about that in my proposal, but I propose to
always store the commit hash of the remote tracking branch as a new
lease after push and pull, not the local branch. This way it works
nicely with pull --rebase and a branch that has extra local commits.

Stefan Haller