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Re: broken text encoding in commit author name

Hi Michał,

On 08/04/2017 22:30, Michał Walenciak wrote:
> Hi
> since git 2.12 I'm having random problems with broken text enciding in author 
> name.
> As an example broken commit:
> Author: Michał Walenciak <Kicer86@xxxxxxxxx>  2017-04-07 21:38:23
> Committer: Michał Walenciak <Kicer86@xxxxxxxxx>  2017-04-07 21:38:33
> good commit: 
> Author: Michał Walenciak <Kicer86@xxxxxxxxx>  2017-04-08 21:21:15
> Committer: Michał Walenciak <Kicer86@xxxxxxxxx>  2017-04-08 21:21:15
> Broken commits are quite rare and I cannot find any rule when they happen.
> Git 2.12.2 here, Arch linux.

For what it`s worth, looking at the timestamp of the broken commit 
example you`ve shown, could the problem be related to amending commits?

If so, are you amending through the command line, or maybe using some 
tool (like "git-gui")...?

There was a similar discussion recently[1], not sure if it`s related 
to your case.