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Tools that do an automatic fetch defeat "git push --force-with-lease"

When I'm rewriting history, "git push --force-with-lease" is a nice
safeguard compared to "git push --force", but it still assumes the
remote-tracking ref gives the old state the user wants to overwrite. 
Tools that do an implicit fetch, assuming it to be a safe operation,
may break this assumption.  In the worst case, Visual Studio Code does
an automatic fetch every 3 minutes by default [1], making
--force-with-lease pretty much reduce to --force.

For a safer workflow, "git push" would check against a separate "old"
ref that isn't updated by "git fetch", but is updated by "git push" the
same way the remote-tracking ref is and maybe also by commands that
update the local branch to take into account remote changes (I'm not
sure what reasonable scenarios there are, if any).  Has there been any
work on this?  I can write a wrapper script for the simple case of "git
push" of a single branch to the same branch on a remote, which is
pretty much all I use right now, but a native implementation would
support all of the command-line usage forms, which would be nice.

Thanks for reading!