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[PATCH 01/20] Define new hash-size constants for allocating memory

Since we will want to transition to a new hash at some point in the
future, and that hash may be larger in size than 160 bits, introduce two
constants that can be used for allocating a sufficient amount of memory.
They can be increased to reflect the largest supported hash size.

Signed-off-by: brian m. carlson <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 cache.h | 6 +++++-
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/cache.h b/cache.h
index 9b2157f591..cb301d8d7d 100644
--- a/cache.h
+++ b/cache.h
@@ -66,8 +66,12 @@ unsigned long git_deflate_bound(git_zstream *, unsigned long);
 #define GIT_SHA1_RAWSZ 20
 #define GIT_SHA1_HEXSZ (2 * GIT_SHA1_RAWSZ)
+/* The length in byte and in hex digits of the largest possible hash value. */
 struct object_id {
-	unsigned char hash[GIT_SHA1_RAWSZ];
+	unsigned char hash[GIT_MAX_RAWSZ];
 #if defined(DT_UNKNOWN) && !defined(NO_D_TYPE_IN_DIRENT)