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Re: Is there a way to have a local version of a header file?

David Lang <david@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> Ship a config.h.sample file, have a Makefile rule that is forced to
>> run before any compilation happens that checks if config.h exists
>> and then created it if missing by copying config.h.sample over, and
>> then all other source files can include config.h without having to
>> know anything about config.h.sample's existence.
>> Did I miss something?
> There is no makefile with the arduino IDE/build system :-(

How does "the build system" you want to make it work with actually
work?  Is it incapable of "compiling" a "source file" into an
"object file" that happens to be a text using an arbitrary

I was hoping that readers are imaginative enough to replace Makefile
with whatever way things are normally built with when reading my
message, and the reader can just replace "source file" with
"config.h.sample", "compiler" with "test -f config.h || cat
config.h.sample >config.h" and "object file" with "config.h".