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Re: Shared repositories no longer securable against privilege escalation

W dniu 17.03.2017 o 18:12, Joe Rayhawk pisze:
> Quoting Michael Haggerty (2017-03-17 05:07:36)

>> Thanks for the report. This is indeed a problem for people who want to
>> set restrictive privileges on $GIT_DIR. I'd never thought of that use
>> case, but it makes sense. Is this practice recommended somewhere or
>> required by any Git hosting tools? (I'm curious how prevalent it is.)
> I had to work out the practice for my own management engine; I have
> since deployed it to around eight different mixed-use multi-user
> operations, the most significant of which is Freedesktop.org.
> Without this practice, core.sharedRepository is an enormous liability
> of a feature. I can't speak to whether anyone but me ever noticed, what
> with mixed-use multi-user POSIX environments becoming increasingly rare.

Is there a reason why you rely on file permissions and user groups
to enforce access control, instead of using public-key based solution
such as Gitolite?

Jakub Narębski