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Re: [PATCH] grep: fix build with no thread support

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 03:42:32PM -0700, Brandon Williams wrote:

> > > I didn't take a close look at it but this would seem to indicate that we
> > > don't worry to much about systems without pthreads support.  Just food
> > > for thought.
> > 
> > Hmm. We used to. What version did you test? Everything passes for me at
> > 0281e487f^ (after that it fails to build). So AFAICT v2.12.0 is the
> > first release which does not work with NO_PTHREADS.
> > 
> > -Peff
> The version I ran tests on was what the master branch was pointing to a
> day or so ago:
> v2.12.0-264-gd6db3f216

Ah, OK. I couldn't get such a recent version to build with NO_PTHREADS,
but I assume you mean after applying your two patches.

v2.11.0 is fine, but v2.12.0 with your patches shows the problem.
Bisecting (and applying the patches when necessary) points to my
46df6906f (execv_dashed_external: wait for child on signal death,