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Re: File names are considered case insensitive in a folder. (aBcd.py ==AbcD.py) Inbox x

On 17/03/17 10:28, Vish Gite wrote:

Git 2.10.1 on Apple mac is treating different(uppercase/lowercase)
files as same name(e.g ABCD.py and abcd.py)

In a project where file name is same but case is different, either
ABCD.py or abcd.py. There is always one of these files is modified.

Below is the git version on my mac.
snappy:myproject$ git version
git version 2.10.1 (Apple Git-78)

Where as git 2.7.4 on Linux Ubuntu xenial is treating ABCD.py and
abcd.py as different files.

To reproduce the issue on mac. Clone a project that has two files in
same directory with same name but different case. ClassTest.py and


This is a know problem, which is not caused by Git, but caused by the underlying file system,

which treats ABCD.py and abcd.py the same.

Git can not do anything about it.

If you want to do cross platform, the only chance to do this
is to avoid this kind of name collision.