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Re: Commiting files larger than 4 GB on Windows

On 15/03/17 22:29, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Torsten Bögershausen <tboegi@xxxxxx> writes:

The real "show stopper" is at the end.

And it seams as if zlib is the limitation here.
Unless we include the zlib source code into Git and redefine uLong,
is there a nice way around this:

/usr/include/zconf.h:#  define uLong                 z_uLong
/usr/include/zconf.h:#  define uLongf                z_uLongf
/usr/include/zconf.h:typedef unsigned long  uLong; /* 32 bits or more */
/usr/include/zconf.h:typedef uLong FAR uLongf;
Hmph.  Would ef49a7a0 ("zlib: zlib can only process 4GB at a time",
2011-06-10) and e01503b5 ("zlib: allow feeding more than 4GB in one
go", 2011-06-10) help us here, though?

That is good news.
I tried to replace all "unsigned long" with size_t and got that compiling
without warnings under Windows 64 bit.

Compiling this on a 32 bit Linux gave lots of warnings..

Converting all unsigned long into is probably an overkill.
Some may stay, some may be converted into off_t, and some size_t.

Does anybody wants to pick this up?