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Re: [PATCH]v2 adding built-in driver for javascript

On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 9:08 PM, sourav mondal
<souravcristiano502@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> javascript is one of the famous langugae,it's needs a built-in driver.

Please use "Javascript" instead of "javascript".
There is a typo in "language" above, also maybe "it needs" instead of
"it's needs", and please add a blank space before it.

> As it was not present in the userdiff & this leads to the patch.

Maybe "," instead of "&".

>         first line consists of some of the well used javascript keywords.statements

"First" instead of "first" and no space before it, but a space and an
uppercase letter at the beginning of "statements".

> in js use one or many keywords like variable declaration, function definition, logical opreation etc.The

Typo in "opreation" and please add a space before "The".

I am stopping here but there are also typos and things to improve in
the rest of the commit message.