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Re: [PATCH] cherry-pick: detect bogus arguments to --mainline

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> The "0" comes from the initialization of the replay_opts struct (it also
> happens if you explicitly disclaim any previous option with
> --no-mainline).
> I think using 0 as a sentinel is OK here, but the option-parser should
> complain when we go out of range. Like this:

An alternative could be to use -1 as a sentinel and clean it up
after parse_options() returns, but then we will see another "bug"
report that says "cherry-pick -m -1" gives a bad error message,
which essentially is the same "bug" report as the one that triggered
this change, which says the error message from "cherry-pick -m 0" is
wrong X-<.

The "RANGE" thing is certainly tempting, but let's do so after we
find multiple places that can benefit from it.

Will queue; thanks.