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Re: [PATCH] l10n: add framework for localizing the manpages

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 12:58 AM, Jean-Noël Avila <jn.avila@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> The use of po files introduces tools to automatically mark the
> paragraphs that need to be retranslated or if the translation was near
> enough to be reviewed (entries are translated with the approaching
> translation and marked as "fuzzy"). Using po, it is also possible to use
> translation memories (such as the po file for the programs).

Well for writing code exactly, we often rely on commit messages
of the past, which is not available to users of the po tool IIUC.
Sometimes we have commits rewording the Documentation to
point out a subtle detail. Specifically for these changes
it would be good to have the reason for the change in Documentation
available for translators.

(Just a passerby note)