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Commiting files larger than 4 GB on Windows


I am managing my large files with the git-lfs-extension. Some of them were more than 4GB in size. After deleting one of those files from my working tree and do a normal git checkout I ended up with a somehow crippled file with a size of only 46 MB left.
For testing reasons I tried to commit a 4,3 GB file to my git repository without the LFS extension.
After checking out a different branch and switching back to the branch with the large file, I ended up with the same small file as mentioned before.
I already wrote a bug issues to Git for Windows and I was told that it is a problem with the git source code, which uses unsinged long, where it should use size_t.
For more information on the issue you can check the issue tracker of Git for Windows on github. Issue #1063
Is there a way to fix this problem?
best regards