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Re: [PATCH] add--interactive: do not expand pathspecs with ls-files

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 10:25:04AM -0700, Brandon Williams wrote:

> On 03/14, Jeff King wrote:
> >   b. If the repository contains filenames with literal wildcard
> >      characters (e.g., "foo*"), the original code expanded
> >      them via "ls-files" and then fed those wildcard names
> >      to "diff-index", which would have treated them as
> >      wildcards. This was a bug, which is now fixed (though
> >      unless you really go through some contortions with
> >      ":(literal)", it's likely that your original pathspec
> >      would match whatever the accidentally-expanded wildcard
> >      would anyway).
> > 
> >      So this takes us one step closer to working correctly
> >      with files whose names contain wildcard characters, but
> >      it's likely that others remain (e.g., if "git add -i"
> >      feeds the selected paths to "git add").
> It definitely makes things more difficult when people use wildcard
> characters in filenames.  Is there any reason people use wildcards as
> literal characters in filenames other than them not knowing any better?

The philosophers of the ages have struggled with the question of why
users do anything.

I suspect that wildcards in filenames are pretty uncommon, just judging
from the lack of complaints. But they do come up. The most recent one


It's unclear if that was stimulated by a real-world case, or just
mucking around.