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Re: [GSoC][PATCH/RFC v3 3/3] credential-cache: only use user_socket if a socket

> Also I think you would want to use S_ISFIFO() and/or S_ISSOCK()
> macros (I do not offhand recall which one credential cache daemon
> uses), not the S_IFxxx constant.

Huh. These macros are not on the man page for lstat.

> Having said that, I do not think ~/.git-credential-cache/socket is
> the right thing to test.  If the ~/.git-credential-cache directory
> already exists, it is likely that the user has a set-up that works
> well with "socket" inside it, and it is safer to keep using that
> location.
> On the other hand, if that directory does not exist, we know it is
> safe to use whatever new location---after all, the lack of the
> directory tells us that the user has never used the traditional
> location successfully ;-)

That makes sense