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Re: Possible git blame bug?


> > Thanks for clearing this up. Is this documented somewhere, so that if it happens
> > again I can point people to the docs that explain this behaviour?
> Is this from "git blame --help" sufficient?
>     When you are not interested in changes older than version
>     v2.6.18, or changes older than 3 weeks, you can use revision
>     range specifiers  similar to 'git rev-list':
>             git blame v2.6.18.. -- foo
>             git blame --since=3.weeks -- foo
>     When revision range specifiers are used to limit the annotation,
>     lines that have not changed since the range boundary (either the
>     commit v2.6.18 or the most recent commit that is more than 3
>     weeks old in the above example) are blamed for that range
>     boundary commit.

re-reading it post your explanation, it seems to make perfect sense. Thanks
again for the detailed explanation of the behaviour!

Best regards,
Domagoj Stolfa

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