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Re: Possible git blame bug?

Domagoj Stolfa <domagoj.stolfa@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Thanks for clearing this up. Is this documented somewhere, so that if it happens
> again I can point people to the docs that explain this behaviour?

Is this from "git blame --help" sufficient?

    When you are not interested in changes older than version
    v2.6.18, or changes older than 3 weeks, you can use revision
    range specifiers  similar to 'git rev-list':

            git blame v2.6.18.. -- foo
            git blame --since=3.weeks -- foo

    When revision range specifiers are used to limit the annotation,
    lines that have not changed since the range boundary (either the
    commit v2.6.18 or the most recent commit that is more than 3
    weeks old in the above example) are blamed for that range
    boundary commit.