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Re: Possible git blame bug?

> > The question is whether this is a bug or not, as --since=<year> might not be a
> > valid filter.
> I do not think blame ever was designed to work with --since, so that
> is indeed the case.  
> Making it work with --since=<date> might be a worthy addition.
> Patches welcome.
Thanks for the information. I wasn't aware that it wasn't designed with that in
mind, though it would indicate to me that --since seems to work with git-blame
according to [1], but expects a date, as I have usually been using it. It also
seems to produce correct results on FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT with git 2.11.1, except
when given a filter such as --since=<year>, in which case perhaps nothing should
be displayed?
Could you please clarify which bits wouldn't work with --since in git-blame?
[1] https://www.git-scm.com/docs/git-blame
Best regards,
Domagoj Stolfa

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