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Re: 'git add --patch' no longer allows you to select files before selecting patches

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> My, this seems to be a popular bug. This is the third report already. :)
> The answer to your final question is that it's a bug. The fix is in
> c852bd54bd87fdcdc825f5d45c26aa745be13ba6, which is currently in the
> "master" branch of git.git.

If only more people learn to run 'next', we would get less reports on
already fixed bug and instead get more reports on unexpected regressions
caused by these fixes, both of which would be a very good thing ;-)

> Junio, I notice this isn't in "maint", and probably should be. It's a
> regression in v2.12.0, so hopefully we'd fix it in v2.12.1.

Yes, thanks for an extra reminder.  The reason why I pushed it out
on 'master' during weekend is so that we can have it at least for a
few days there before merging it down to 'maint'.