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Re: 'git add --patch' no longer allows you to select files before selecting patches

On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 02:51:52PM -0400, Anthony Scian wrote:

> Similarly the patch sub-command in ‘git add —interactive’ goes
> immediately to selecting patches starting with the first file.
> Is there a git configuration that would being back the old behaviour?
> Why was this changed?

My, this seems to be a popular bug. This is the third report already. :)

The answer to your final question is that it's a bug. The fix is in
c852bd54bd87fdcdc825f5d45c26aa745be13ba6, which is currently in the
"master" branch of git.git.

Junio, I notice this isn't in "maint", and probably should be. It's a
regression in v2.12.0, so hopefully we'd fix it in v2.12.1.