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Re: [GSoC] Discussion of "Submodule related work" project

> So... I thought those items listed in "Submodule related work" are
> considered too small to be complete projects separately, and they
> are just "subprojects" of bigger project (maybe I have this thought
> because I can't estimate complexity before truly digging in).

When writing these points, I was not sure about the complexity
myself, but rather I wanted to produce a lot of different potential
projects, which can be discussed if they sound exciting and are
of good size.

> In your response you talk about them as independent projects...
> This means I can take only any one of them as starting point for
> my proposal? Or maybe I misunderstood you?

Well I think some of them are too small to stand alone for a full GSoC
project. Others have a good size and complexity for GSoC already.

> If it is true, than i'll try to take sh->C transition for submodule
> command,

For shell -> C transitions, see
as all of them are rewrites from sh -> C for different commands.
You might find common patterns (e.g. what is all needed for a conversion,
such as slight updates to tests or documentation; certainly updating
the build process in the Makefile, and of course the code translated).

Most of these conversions, start out with a patch that is quite a literal
translation and then afterwards add in optimizations.

Another approach for the conversion is outlined in73c2779f42
(builtin-am: implement skeletal builtin am).  I am not sure how
easy this approach is for a submodule specific command.

> and as addirional part of my whole project also this:
> https://public-inbox.org/git/1488913150.8812.0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/T/

Yeah, that is also a good task :) Thanks for bringing it up.

> Does it sound good? If does, then I'll begin to work on my proposal.