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Re: RFC: Another proposed hash function transition plan


The Keccak Team wrote:

> We have read your transition plan to move away from SHA-1 and noticed
> your intent to use SHA3-256 as the new hash function in the new Git
> repository format and protocol. Although this is a valid choice, we
> think that the new SHA-3 standard proposes alternatives that may also be
> interesting for your use cases.  As designers of the Keccak function
> family, we thought we could jump in the mail thread and present these
> alternatives.

I indeed had some reservations about SHA3-256's performance.  The main
hash function we had in mind to compare against is blake2bp-256.  This
overview of other functions to compare against should end up being
very helpful.

Thanks for this.  When I have more questions (which I most likely
will) I'll keep you posted.