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Possible tiny bug in reset's error message


when I was trying to learn some details about various types of resets, I
found out that the default reset type is --mixed, but not specifying it
is not the same as specifying it.  That's mostly because there are some
checks for reset_type before setting it to default value.  Since one of
the checks seem deliberate, I'm rather asking here before sending wrong

The "bug" I am talking about is:

 $ g reset -p --mixed
 fatal: --patch is incompatible with --{hard,mixed,soft}
 $ g reset -p
 No changes.

Despite the fact that `git help reset` says:

 If <mode> is omitted, defaults to "--mixed".

The reason why I'm rather asking is the part of the code that handles
the warning message for:

 $ git reset --mixed -- path
 warning: --mixed with paths is deprecated; use 'git reset -- <paths>'

	/* git reset tree [--] paths... can be used to
	 * load chosen paths from the tree into the index without
	 * affecting the working tree nor HEAD. */
	if (pathspec.nr) {
		if (reset_type == MIXED)
			warning(_("--mixed with paths is deprecated; use 'git reset -- <paths>' instead."));
		else if (reset_type != NONE)
			die(_("Cannot do %s reset with paths."),

See how NONE and MIXED are both purposefully checked?

So my question is, should reset_type be set to MIXED if it was not
specified on the command-line before all these checks?  If not, what's
the reason for that?

Have a nice day,