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Re: [PATCH] tag: Implicitly supply --list given another list-like option

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I haven't looked at the patch text of this one closely yet, but I
> think the goals of both make sense, so we would eventually want to
> have them both.
> ...
> So perhaps you would want this applied first, so that existing three
> can already benefit from "implicit --list" before waiting for the
> other one?

Ah, I see that you already have the other topic polished to v4
(sorry, but I am a bit behind the list traffic).  If it makes your
life easier, it is OK to make the current three to four by adding
"--no-contains" first and then make all/any of them imply "--list"
on top.  

IOW, either is fine.  Personally, I have a suspicion that sending
both at the same time, expecting the maintainer to be able to
resolve the potential conflicts correctly, would also be fine ;-)