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Re: fatal: Could not get current working directory: Permission denied | affected 2.10,2.11,2.12, but not 1.9.5 |

Am 09.03.2017 um 12:01 schrieb Zenobiusz Kunegunda:
OK, I printed euids inside function calling getcwd(). Every single
EUID is the same and have expected value. The same as any other local
application run by this user. Permissions of every directory in the
path are OK.

/bin/pwd -P inside directory returned exact path and exited with exit
status 0.


I tried to reproduce the behavior on FreeBSD 10.3, unsuccessfully. I tried with Ruby 2.2 from the ports tree and Ruby 2.3 installed with rbenv, and with git 2.6.4 from the ports tree and a self-compiled version of the current master branch.

You could try to bisect the issue to find which commit to git caused the behavior change, but that will be a tedious process (compile and install an intermediate version, run bundle install up to the point of interest then hit Ctrl-C, clean up somehow, run "git bisect good" or "git bisect bad" in the git source tree depending on the outcome of bundle, repeat ca. twelve times more).

But I suspect the cause of the problem hides somewhere else. Why would pwd(1) be able to call getcwd(3) just fine, while git gets an EPERM error for the same call? I'm stumped.