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Re: [GSoC] Move ~/.git-credential-cache to ~/.cache/git

Devin Lehmacher <djl329@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If I’m not mistaken magit won’t stop working with the changed
> location since it will just spawn an new instance of the
> daemon. The only downside would be it wouldn’t get credentials
> that were cached in the default socket.

I am not quite sure how you can say "only" in that sentence.  Isn't
the whole point of socket based daemon interface to allow starting
the daemon so that it can keep using it?

Somebody upthread mentioned checking the current location (and use
it if there is) and then use the new location, which I found a more
reasonable approach.

Assuming that it is sensible to move it from ~/.git-credential-cache
to ~/.cache/git/ in the first place, that is.  If both are equally
acceptable places, then perhaps a configuration that allows those
who want to have things in ~/.config/git/ to specify where to have
the thing (and those without such a custom configuration will keep
using the current location) may be more appropriate.