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Re: [GSoC] Discussion of "Submodule related work" project

> This means I can take only any one of them as starting point for
> my proposal?

If it is true, than i'll try to take sh->C transition for submodule
command, and as addirional part of my whole project also this:

>> Have some questions about "Submodule related work" project
>> First of all, I would like to add this task to the project, if I'll take it:
>> https://public-inbox.org/git/1488913150.8812.0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/T/
>> What do you think about this task?
> That is a nice project, though my gut feeling is that it is too small
> for a GSoC project on itself.

Does it sound good? If does, then I'll begin to work on my proposal.

  Valery Tolstov