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Re: [GSoC] Git patch flow

On 03/10, Valery Tolstov wrote:
> In Documentation/SubmittingPatches it is said:
> > (4) The list forms consensus that the last round of your patch is
> > good. Send it to the maintainer and cc the list.
> https://public-inbox.org/git/20170309181837.GF153031@xxxxxxxxxx/T/
> I assume that my patch is at stage 4 now. Now I need to do what is
> in p.4 said exactly, right? Asking this question because can't find
> good examples in mailing list archive.
> Thanks,
>  Valery Tolstov

Watch for the maintainer to send out a "What's cooking" email to the
list.  If you search the archive you'll find many such emails.  In the
"What's cooking" email you can see if your patch has been picked up by
the maintainer and what the status of the patch is (if it needs more
discussion, if it has been moved to next, or graduated to master, etc.)

Brandon Williams