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Re: [PATCH] repack: Add options to preserve and prune old pack files

On Thursday, March 09, 2017 10:50:21 AM 
jmelvin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On 2017-03-07 13:33, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> > James Melvin <jmelvin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >> These options are designed to prevent stale file handle
> >> exceptions during git operations which can happen on
> >> users of NFS repos when repacking is done on them. The
> >> strategy is to preserve old pack files around until
> >> the next repack with the hopes that they will become
> >> unreferenced by then and not cause any exceptions to
> >> running processes when they are finally deleted
> >> (pruned).
> > 
> > I find it a very sensible strategy to work around NFS,
> > but it does not explain why the directory the old ones
> > are moved to need to be configurable.  It feels to me
> > that a boolean that causes the old ones renamed
> > s/^pack-/^old-&/ in the same directory (instead of
> > pruning them right away) would risk less chances of
> > mistakes (e.g. making "preserved" subdirectory on a
> > separate device mounted there in a hope to reduce disk
> > usage of the primary repository, which may defeat the
> > whole point of moving the still-active file around
> > instead of removing them).
> Moving the preserved pack files to a separate directory
> only helped make the pack directory cleaner, but I agree
> that having the old* pack files in the same directory is
> a better approach as it would ensure that it's still on
> the same mounted device. I'll update the logic to reflect
> that.
> As for the naming convention of the preserved pack files,
> there is already some logic to remove "old-" files in
> repack. Currently this is the naming convention I have
> for them:
> pack-<sha1>.old-<ext>
> pack-7412ee739b8a20941aa1c2fd03abcc7336b330ba.old-pack
> One advantage of that is the extension is no longer an
> expected one, differentiating it from current pack files.
> That said, if that is not a concern, I could prefix them
> with "preserved" instead of "old" to differentiate them
> from the other logic that cleans up "old-*". What are
> your thoughts on that?
> preserved-<sha1>.<ext>
> preserved-7412ee739b8a20941aa1c2fd03abcc7336b330ba.pack

Some other proposals so that the preserved files do not get 
returned by naive finds based on their extensions,




or maybe even just:


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