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git commit --interactive patch-mode no longer allows selecting files


i'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or intended (couldn't find it in the changelogs though)...

Before 2.12.0 a `git commit --int` / `git add --int` followed by [p] for patch-mode, would allow a numeric selection of the files to patch hunks for (this behavior is well documented all over the internet).

Since 2.12.0 the numeric selection is skipped and automatically drops me directly into hunk mode (Mac OS X homebrew).

I would see this as a feature if only one file is changed. As soon as multiple files are changed, i often have the use-case that i'm in some bigger change, but want to quickly fix something in other files. In those cases, the new behavior forces me to `d` out of potentially many files, just to quickly commit some small change :-/

I already tried in several repos and without ~/.gitconfig .
Are there any config options i'm missing?