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Re: [PATCH] branch & tag: Add a --no-contains option

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason  <avarab@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> More notes about this patch:
>  * I'm not really happy with the "special attention" documentation
>    example in git-branch.txt, but it follows logically from the
>    description for --contains just above it which I think is overly
>    specific as well. IMO that entire NOTES section in git-branch.txt
>    could just be removed.

The first paragraph of the section is unrelated to the topic and I
do not think anybody would miss it if it goes, but I always feel
uncomfortable between --contains and --merged.  I do not expect
anybody needs lengthy explanation to tell --merged and --no-merged
(similarly --contains and --no-contains) apart, but perhaps because
I often use --with (which is a hidden synonym to --contains) and
almost never --merged, and as we are adding the fourth, I find it a
very good idea to extend the description to tell users what they
want to use "contains" for (i.e. find the set of containers given a
commit) and what they want to use "merged" for (i.e. find the set of
containees given a commit).

>  * I'm adding a --without option as an alias for --no-contains for
>    consistency with --with and --contains. Since we don't even
>    document --with anymore (or test it) perhaps we shouldn't be adding
>    --without.

I do not think anybody other than me uses "--with" to begin with, so
I do not care too deeply about it.  If it makes the patch simpler
not to support "--without", I'd be supportive if you want to drop it.

I'll review the body of the patch later.