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Re: Crash on MSYS2 with GIT_WORK_TREE

On 03/08, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> I did take a quick glance, but did you have a look at the time of day I
> sent this patch? You do not want to trust my judgement after that.

Haha Yeah I did notice, and I trust your newer patch more than the one
you sent at 2am :)

> Another thing: may I ask you to delete the quoted parts of the mail that
> you are actually not responding to? Junio also often simply keeps the rest
> of the mail quoted, and I always have to scroll all the way to the end
> just to verify that nothing more has been said, which can be slightly
> annoying when you are tired. I do plan to read your mails in the future,
> so culling the quoted-yet-unanswered part would save me trouble.

Of course, I usually try to clear the parts of the mail I'm not
responding to...though there are times where I forget or am a bit lazy.
I'll definitely work on remembering to do that for the future!

Brandon Williams