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Re: Crash on MSYS2 with GIT_WORK_TREE

Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> writes:

> Rather than a heavy-handed reversal, I would really prefer to perform a
> diligent audit of all real_pathdup() callers and adjust them
> appropriately.
> Turns out that the canonicalize_ceiling_entry() caller is *the only one*
> handling NULL correctly. All other callers need to be changed.

The observation matches what I saw.  

I would have added a patch that introduces real_pathdup_gently()
that returns NULL and made real_pathdup() die as before immediately
on top of the Brandon's series (which would ensure that any branch
that would want to use real_pathdup() would get the dying version by
default) and flipped selected callers to call the gently() version
in that patch, but what you posted is a lot more apprporiate for a
regression fix.  By changing the function signature, the patch
ensures that it covers all the callsites.

Among the two-and-half regressions known to us post 2.12 so far,
this one probably needs to go into a maintenance release without
waiting for the other one-and-half, I think.