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Re: RFC: Another proposed hash function transition plan

Hi Ian,

On Wed, 8 Mar 2017, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Linus Torvalds writes ("Re: RFC: Another proposed hash function transition plan"):
> > Of course, having written that, I now realize how it would cause
> > problems for the usual shit-for-brains case-insensitive filesystems.
> > So I guess base64 encoding doesn't work well for that reason.
> AFAIAA object names occur in publicly-visible filenames only in notes
> tree objects, which are manipulated by git internally and do not
> necessarily need to appear in the filesystem.
> The filenames in .git/objects/ can be in whatever encoding we like, so
> are not an obstacle.

Given that the idea was to encode the new hash in base64 or base85, we
*are* talking about an encoding. In that respect, yes, it can be whatever
encoding we like, and Linus just made a good point (with unnecessary foul
language) of explaining why base64/base85 is not that encoding.