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Re: RFC: Another proposed hash function transition plan

Linus Torvalds writes ("Re: RFC: Another proposed hash function transition plan"):
> Also, since 256 isn't evenly divisible by 6, and because you'd want
> some way to explictly disambiguate the new hashes, the rule *could* be
> that the ASCII representation of a new hash is the base64 encoding of
> the 258-bit value that has "10" prepended to it as padding.
> That way the first character of the hash would be guaranteed to not be
> a hex digit, because it would be in the range [g-v] (indexes 32..47).

We should arrange for this to be an uppercase, not a lowercase,
letter, for the reasons I explained in my own proposal.  To summarise:
It would be undesirable to further increase the overlap between object
names and ref names.  Few people use uppercase in ref names because of
the case-insensitive filesystem problem; so object names starting with
uppercase ascii are distinct from most object names.

> Of course, having written that, I now realize how it would cause
> problems for the usual shit-for-brains case-insensitive filesystems.
> So I guess base64 encoding doesn't work well for that reason.

AFAIAA object names occur in publicly-visible filenames only in notes
tree objects, which are manipulated by git internally and do not
necessarily need to appear in the filesystem.

The filenames in .git/objects/ can be in whatever encoding we like, so
are not an obstacle.


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