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Re: [Request for Documentation] Differentiate signed (commits/tags/pushes)

We use git to manage a config management repository for some
servers.  We have tens of signed commits a day; all get deployed.
The logic on each host is roughly "is signed by sysadmin key and
is more recent than currently-deployed version".

Also, what is all this about "GPG"?  The protocol is OpenPGP.  A 
particular implementation is GnuPG / gpg.  It is completely mad
that this implementation detail is in the interface specs for git,
such as --gpg-sign for git-commit(1).

It is an indictment of a lack of appreciation of the relationship
between interfaces and implementations, and the importance of
proper treatment thereof.

If Bob creates Bob's git compatible program, and he happens to use
Bob's OpenPGP implementation, his compatible option for git-commit(1)
still has to be called "--gpg-sign".  Madness.