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Re: [Request for Documentation] Differentiate signed (commits/tags/pushes)

Stefan Beller <sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> "tag -s" also has the benefit of being retroactive.  You can create
>> commit, think about it for a week and then later tag it.  And ask
>> others to also tag the same one.  You cannot do so with "commit -s".
> ok, so there is *no* advantage of signing a commit over tags?

Did I say anything that remotely resembles that?  Puzzled.

If the reason you want to have GPG signature on a commit is not
because you want to mark some meaningful place in the history, but
you are signing each and every ones out of some random reason, there
is no reason why you would want "tag -s" them, so you can see it as
an advantage of "commit -s" over "tag -s", because to such a
project, all commits that are not tagged look the same and there is
no "landmark" value to use "tag -s" for each and every one of them.