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Re: [Request for Documentation] Differentiate signed (commits/tags/pushes)

W dniu 06.03.2017 o 23:13, Junio C Hamano pisze:
> Stefan Beller <sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> What is the difference between signed commits and tags?
>> (Not from a technical perspective, but for the end user)
>> Off list I was told gpg-signed commits are a "checkbox feature",
>> i.e. no real world workflow would actually use it. (That's a bold
>> statement, someone has to use it as there was enough interest
>> to implement it, no?)
> I'd agree with that "checkbox" description, except that you need to
> remember that a project can enforce _any_ workflow to its developer,
> even if it does not make much sense, and at that point, the workflow
> would become a real-world workflow.  The word "real world workflow"
> does not make any assurance if that workflow is sensible.
> Historically, "tag -s" came a lot earlier.  When a project for
> whatever reason wants signature for each and every commit so that
> they somehow can feel good, without "commit -s", it would have made
> us unnecessary work to scale tag namespace only because there will
> be tons of pointless tags.  "commit -s" was a remedy for that.

Also from what I remember signed commits came before mergetags, that
is the result of merging a signed tag (storing the signature of
one of parents of the merge commit to not pollute tag namespace).

And this workflow, from what I know, is quite useful.

Jakub Narębski