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Re: RFC: Another proposed hash function transition plan

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

>> You can use the doc URL
>>  https://goo.gl/gh2Mzc
> I'd encourage anybody following along to follow that link. I almost
> didn't, but there are a ton of comments there (I'm not sure how I feel
> about splitting the discussion off the list, though).

I am sure how I feel about it---we should really discourage it,
unless it is an effort to help polishing an early draft for wider
distribution and discussion.

> I don't think we do this right now, but you can actually find the entry
> (and exit) points of a pack during the index-pack step. Basically:

We have code to do the "entry point" computation in index-pack
already, I think, in 81a04b01 ("index-pack: --clone-bundle option",

> I don't think using the "want"s as the entry points is unreasonable,
> though. The server _shouldn't_ generally be sending us other cruft.

That's true.