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Re: Git Notes Usage

Scott Chacon venit, vidit, dixit 08.03.2010 20:52:
> I've been trying to write up the git-notes functionality a bit and I'm
> a tad confused about the remote workflow.  To share them, is it only
> do-able by pushing via the full refspec (ie: 'git push origin
> refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*')?  Likewise to fetch them from a server?

You can also write this into the config...
OK, seriously: I think for "typical usage" one stores others' notes in a
different place anyways, e.g. I store Thomas' list-notes in
refs/remotes/trast/notes/ so that they don't interfer with my own notes.

I don't think that teaching --notes to git push (a la --tags) with a
standard refspec would help in many cases.

> Also, if two people write notes into the same namespace at the
> same time, how does one merge them?  Is the only way to do so to
> actually checkout the notes branch into your working directory and
> merge the notes trees?

I'd say every merge needs a working directory, so, yes.


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