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Re: Git hooks are not called over HTTP

"KwangYul Seo" <kwangyul.seo@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I have setup a git repository with post-receive and post-update
> enabled. I configured hooks.envelopesender and hooks.mailinglist. I
> confirmed that it works fine with push from local repositories.
> However, hooks are never called when push is done over HTTP. I added
> 'echo abc' to post-receive to see if it is called or not. With local
> push, abc was printed, but with HTTP push it was not printed. What is
> the problem here?

The "problem" here (which is very much the way HTTP protocol was
designed) is that it isn't _git_ that updates repository on remote
side on push (which knows about hooks), but _web server_ via WebDAV.
And web server knows nothing about hooks.

Perhaps that would get improved when "smart" HTTP protocol gets
implemented (currently in the phase of design, I think just after
designing protocol).

Jakub Narebski
ShadeHawk on #git
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