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Re: native (cyrillic) filenames in git-diff and git-log (qgit and gitk)

Ilya Silvestrov wrote (2008-05-24 21:45 +0700):

> I'am looking for possibility to work with native (cyrillic) filenames
> in  git. The problem I struggle with is that I'm unable to view
> filenames in  readable form in git-log and git-diff. They are in
> escaped form, like this:
> diff --git "a/\321\200\321\203\321\201\321\201\320\272\320\270\320\271"  
> "b/\321\200\321\203\321\201\321\201\320\272\320\270\320\271"

Yes, extremely ugly. I believe setting core.quotepath to false will

  $ git config --global core.quotepath false

I wonder why is this not the default?
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