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Re: git on MacOSX and files with decomposed utf-8 file names

On Mon, 21 Jan 2008, Kevin Ballard wrote:
> I find it amusing that you keep arguing against having git treat filenames as
> unicode when


Dammit, stop this idiocy.

I think it's fine having git treat filenames "as unicode", as long as you 
don't do any munging on it.

Why? Because if it's utf-8, then treating them "as unicode" means exactly 
the same as treating them "as a user-specified string".

So stop lying about this whole thing. I have never *ever* argued against 
unicode per se.

All my complaints - every single one of them - comes down to making the 
idiotic choice of trying to munge those strings (not even strictly 
"normalize") into something they are not.

And what you don't seem to understand is that once you accept _unmodified_ 
raw UTF-8 as a good unicode transport mechanism, suddenly other encodings 
are possible. I'm not out to force my world-view on users. If they are 
using legacy encodings (whether in filenames *or* in commit texts or in 
their file contents), that's *their* choice.

I actually personally happen to use UTF-8-encoded unicode.

I'm just not stupid enough to think that (a) corrupting it is a good idea, 
*or* (b) that I should force every Asian installation of git to also force 
people to use unicode (or even having all the conversion libraries and 

So stop this idiotic "unicode == normalization" crap. 

I'm a huge fan of UTF-8. But that does not mean that I think normalization 
is a good idea.

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